Student Support Services

Student Support Services


Touchstone International Institute provides a variety of student support services to meet the needs of the students studying in Singapore.


Facilities & Infrastructure Library

Student Corner

Centre for Creativity

Well-equipped Classrooms

Multi-purpose Room

Student Lounge

Student Locker

Wireless Internet connection

Science Lab (external venue)

Conducive Environment Air-conditioned Classrooms

Smart Boards


Air Purifier

Fire Drills

Admission & Orientation Admission Services

Orientation Programme for newly enrolled students

Accommodation (hostel) referrals

Student Protection Fee Protection Scheme

Medical Insurance

Refund of Course Fee

Transfer/Withdrawal of Course

Appeal for Results

Dispute Resolution

Feedback and Complaint

Confidentiality and Security of Student Information

Academic Support & Holistic Development Holistic Education Programme

Course Induction

Academic performance monitoring

Tuition Support System

Individual Study Plan

Study Support Services

Student Activities

Enrichment Programs

Counselling Pre-Course Counselling

General Counselling

Pastoral Counselling

Academic Counselling

External Professional Counselling Service

Progression & Career Support Career and Academic Advice

Progression Pathway Advice

Feedback & Communication General Services

Feedback & Suggestion Scheme

Students’ Voices

Student Portal





Face-to-face meetings