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28 January 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians / Students,

As school re-opens on 28th January 2020, TSI will be enhancing precautionary measures, including daily temperature taking, to ensure that our school remains a safe and healthy learning environment.

While teachers actively look out for students’ well-being, please ensure your child practices good personal hygiene and social responsibility. You should take your child to the doctor if he/she is unwell and we would appreciate it that you keep your child at home until he/she recovers.

If your child has returned from mainland China on 15 Jan or later, he/she will be placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) for a period of 14 days starting from the first day of return. For example, if your child returns to Singapore on 28 Jan (Tue), the LOA would last from 29 Jan to 11 Feb, with the date of return to school being 12 Feb (Wed).

Students on LOA will be supported by home-based learning assigned by the school through our  Student Portal. If you have any queries on LOA, you can call the Miss Winnie at 9369 5152.

For updates on the coronavirus situation, you can visit or sign up at to receive the latest information via Whatsapp. We will keep you updated on school measures and education related notifications.

Thank you.



Gan Chin Huat


Touchstone International Institute


(Kindly sign below and return this portion to the Student Services Department by 10th January 2020)

I, _________________________________, NRIC / Passport number __________________, hereby confirmed I have read and understood the above memo, dated 7 January 2020.

………………………………….                               ………………………………….
        *Signature of Student                                          *Signature of Parent / Guardian

Date :  __________________                                     Date :  __________________

*Both Student & Parent/Guardian will need to sign the letter if the student is below 18 years old


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