Information For Students

Fees Collection Policy

Payment arrangement for TSI students:
  • A new student who enrolls and commences lessons at any junction of the month will have his fees pro-rated accordingly.
  • There is a registration fee of $20 that is non-refundable.
  • Course fee is calculated based on hourly rates.
  • Course fee must be duly paid before the 7th of every month and is collected on monthly basis regardless of lesson(s) attended.
  • A late payment charge of $20 will be imposed for feepayment made after 7th of the month.
  • The school has the right to stop a student’s lesson (until further notice) should he fail to pay the course fee duly.
  • Student who has withdrawn their deposit and rejoins the school will be charged the usual registration fee and treated as a new student enrolment.
  • No lessons are conducted on public holidays, Chinese New Year eve and Teachers’ Day. Students will be notified should there be changes made.
  • The management reserves the right to terminate a student’s place in the school at its own discretion.
  • The school reserves the right to use the students’ results and photos for its publicity purpose.

Scheduled holidays (public and school) and/or semester/term break for course


New Year’s Day           1 Jan 2015                      Thursday

Chinese New Year       19 Feb – 20 Feb 2015     Thursday - Friday

Good Friday                 3 April 2015                   Friday

Labour Day                  1 May 2015                    Friday

Vesak Day                   1 June 2015                    Monday

Hari Raya Puasa          17 July 2015                   Friday

National Day               9 Aug 2015                     Sunday

Hari Raya Haji             24 Sep 2015                   Monday

Deepavali                    10 Nov 2015                   Tuesday

Christmas Day             25 Dec 2015                   Friday

School Holidays

Chinese New Year      18 Feb 2015–24 Feb 2015   Wednesday–following Tuesday
*No make-up lesson if class falls on the public or school holidays


Rules and Regulations

  • Persistent undesirable behavior, non-compliance with tutorial work will result in disciplinary action against the student.
  • Student caught vandalizing school properties will be handed over to the police according to the severity of the damage. The student will bear the full cost of repair or replacement of damaged item(s).
  • Student’s attendance is monitored for each lesson and lateness of more than 15 minutes will be considered as absenteeism.
  • Absence from school must be supported with either a parent’s or guardian’s letter or a medical certificate.


At Touchstone, there are many students from various walks of life, and from all over the globe. They attend courses at Touchstone to understand an international way of life. In doing so, it is imperative that basic personal habits and expectations are shared amongst the student body.

Adherence to dress code is based on the theory that students must learn socially acceptable manners and selecting appropriate dress for specific occasions and activities are critical factors in educating a whole person. The right behaviours will improve the quality of one’s life, and contributes to the campus morale, and campus image.

Students will be denied admission to the campus or the event if their manner of dress is inappropriate.


Appropriate Dress

Inappropriate Dress

Long Pants (Slacks)


Shorts (Knee length)


Blouses/ Smart-casual tee

Dresses that are modest and neat


Spaghetti Straps / Single Strap outfits Exposed low-cut necklines/arm holes Short tops or low-cut/low-riding pants

Exposed midriffs

Pants or jeans must not have holes or be ragged.

Shorts, skirts or dresses must be no more than 3" above the knee, when seated. 

Extremely tight-fitting clothes, including spandex-type clothing are not permitted.

Clothes with vulgar/obscene words printed.

No athletic attire may be worn in class.

Shorts that show buttocks or underwear.


Appropriate Dress

Inappropriate Dress

Long Pants (Slacks)


Shorts (Knee length)

Hair style must be neat and not excessively long. 


Short tops or low-cut/low-riding pants.

Pants or jeans must not have holes or be ragged.

Clothes with vulgar/obscene words printed 

No athletic attire may be worn in class.

Headgear may not be worn at any time while indoors.

Shorts that show buttocks or underwear.


  • A student may submit their feedback/grievance through any of the following avenues. Students who wish to receive follow-up communications must leave their contact details. Alternatively, anonymous feedback may be submitted but no action will be taken to share the results. a. Email b. Written Student Survey Form c. Feedback Form Available at the Student Service Counter d. Online the contact us option
  • Upon receipt of the above feedback that has the students contact details and requires follow-up communication, the Student Services Manager will acknowledge the student’s email within 1 working day.
  • The Student Services Manager shall forward the complaint to the relevant department head for resolution. A solution must be provided to the student within 5 working days (Total 6 days from submission).
  • If the student is satisfied with the outcome, the case will be recorded as closed. If the student wishes to appeal the decision made, the case will be forwarded to the Principal for a recommended course of action within 4 working days. Thereafter, a solution must be provided to the student within 2 working days (Total 12 working days)
  • If the student is still dissatisfied with the outcome, an Appeal Committee shall be formed. This Committee shall make a decision on the student’s case within 5 working days (Total 17 working days).
  • If the student is still dissatisfied with the outcome, he may approach the CPE Student Service Center to make a complaint or seek resolution in Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb) or Small Claims Court following the Dispute Resolution Policy according to the Private Education Act.