Updates on Academic Programmes

Partnership with Alliance Counselling
July 12, 2019
Training for Teachers from the New Oriental Schools, PRC
July 21, 2019

CoCurricula-r Activities

During one of the Co-Curricular Activities, our students were introduced to Carom board Games. They learnt various educational skills, eye hand coordination and tactics to play them. While having great time enjoying this activity, the students motivate one another to involve themselves in healthy competitions. Last but not the least, they are looking forward for more of such events to come

After-School Revision Programme

TSI has embarked on an After-School Revision Programme, providing additional support to students who are preparing for the upcoming AEIS and GCE ‘O’ Level exams. Students make use of this opportunity to recap their daily lessons and seek assistance from teachers to clarify their doubts.

Getting Ready for the Upcoming Examinations

With the approaching AEIS 2019 and Singapore - Cambridge General Certificate of Education ‘O’ Level Exam. We have put together a list of pointers to guide students in their preparation and help them cope with examination stress.


  • Plan a study routine – have a study timetable in place so that the task of revision could be more organized. Sit down and dedicate time to every subject, assign extra time to challenging subjects/topics. Remember to set time aside for solving previous year question papers and reviewing mistakes made in previous trial papers.
  • Maintain balance – It is important to allow for time to relax and communicate with family and friends. Talking and getting advice can help relieve the stress you may be experiencing during this period of time.
  • Keep away from distractions – Make a list of activities that may take time and focus away from your revision. Keep to your study routine so that you have time for play and rest while ensuring progress in your revision.
  • Stay positive and support one another – Keep a positive vibe going in the classroom and at home. Mutual support is very helpful in relieving stress. Talk to your parents and teachers when you feel lost in your learning and revision.


Anything is possible if you plan early and stay focused