Events during month of December

Events during month of September
October 10, 2019
January 28, 2020

2019 has been an exciting year for Touchstone International Institute. We hosted many groups of students from China, Indonesia and Thailand who came to join our Immersion Classes and Lego Robotics lessons. Our students performed well at the AEIS and S-AEIS Examinations and many of them obtained placements in government schools. Our first batch of students who took the Cambridge Checkpoint Test achieved excellent results, far surpassing their peers at the international level. At the Higher Education side, we signed an MOU officially with the University of East London to provide pathway for our Diploma students.

We also visited Lincoln University College in Kuala Lumpur to explore collaborations and partnerships. We were invited to conduct teacher training for more than a hundred educators in Chengdu, PRC. Our teachers continue to engage in sharing and learning. Our teachers attended a 2-day workshop on Teacher Mentorship conducted by the Chairman of our Academic Board, Mr Jimmy Tan who is also the Former Deputy Director of Schools Appraisal in the Singapore Ministry of Education. All our staff members attended a sharing on Service Excellence. We continued to provide holistic education for all our students and our students participated in the Willing Hearts project to prepare food for the needy in society. We ended the year with a review of our policies and processes in conjunction with the Interim Assessment of our 4-Year Edu Trust certification. We look forward to greater achievements in 2020 with the strong foundation laid over the past 5 years.

Triple Celebration at TSI

On 19th December 2019, TSI staff and students gathered for a series of events: Christmas, New Year and Birthday, three in one Celebration.
Our Principal, Mr. Gan started the festive mood by enlightening the meaning of Christmas with the audience, emphasizing the importance of caring and sharing and spreading goodness all around and linking it to TSI’s core value of Service. The festive spirit was witnessed among staff and students as Diploma and Upper Secondary students exhibited their talent through songs and dance performances, enthralling everyone. Not only that, as we approached the end of the year, it was a good head start for everyone to reprioritize their lives. Staff and students wrote down their resolutions for the year 2020, setting goals which they wish to accomplish.
It was also a Bonanza for Birthday babies born in the month of December as TSI celebrates with them, cherishing this special moment, wishing them good luck and hope their special days will fill up their hearts with joy and blessings.

Edu Tour at TSI

Students from Eagle Learning Centre, Palembang, Indonesia visited TSI to experience a different learning environment on the 18th and 19th of December 2019. Our language teacher, Ms June Hor conducted Creative Writing and Speech training to equip the students with the necessary language skills and make them pro-active in the use of English. During the session, students actively participated and enjoyed all the assigned tasks.

AEIS Results

Students who took AEIS exams in September 2019 received their results. TSI extends our warmest wishes to our students who have done well and successfully admitted to Government Primary and Secondary Schools. Congratulation to Cai Haoxuan, Feng Youcheng, Nichole Devora and Fan Yingjie.

J-PACT assessment results

TSI is proud to announce that our ‘O’ level student Shi Tingxiao has performed well for the J-PACT assessment scoring above the average performance of the whole cohort taking the J-PACT assessment this year.
J-PACT is a centralized admission test eligible for international students who are not schooling in any Singapore mainstream schools; seeking admission into Singapore Junior Colleges.

Congrats to Tingxiao and TSI wishes him good luck for the upcoming ‘O’ Level results which will be released in early January 2020.