Events during month of May 2020

Events during month of April 2020
August 17, 2020
Events during month of June 2020
August 17, 2020

Re-Opening of School

TSI will reopen the school on 2nd June 2020 as Singapore exits its Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period. Staff will go back to school on 2nd June 2020 to clean up the premises and to prepare to receive the students on 3rd June 2020.  All students will report back to school on 3rd June 2020.

Our school will continue with the various safe management measures, including safe entry routines, staggered reporting and dismissal time, designated seats for students with appropriate distancing, maintaining a high level of personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness. Twice daily temperature-taking and wipe down routines will continue. All staff and students must wear masks or face shields in TSI at all times. TSI will continue to monitor the COVID–19 situation closely and provide the necessary support to our students as they resume lessons in school.

Distribution of Care Packs

On 6th May 2020, our CEO, Mdm Ming, and Senior Manager for Higher Education, Mr. Ashton Gan provided value-added student support services to our students, by distributing care packs to them personally.

The care packs were provided by the Chinese Embassy, which made its efforts in engaging with Chinese nationals who are staying abroad - from students to business federations, assuaging their concerns of COVID – 19 situation.
Our students thanked TSI for being concerned about their safety and well being.
In addition, food packs provided by TSI were also sent to our Sri Lankan students who needed assistance.

Home-Based Learning

TSI students are now in the 2nd  month of home-based learning due to the extension of the Circuit Breaker period. Students and teachers have well adapted to the new routines of teaching and learning via zoom video conferencing. Since daily classes consist of Online lessons and Assignments, during this period, teachers keep track of their students’ progress where weaker students received immediate support and responses to their questions from their teachers. Students log on to the  Google Classroom for their daily assignments to be done, as posted by their subject teachers. All online assignments are marked digitally, while hardcopy assignments are photographed and uploaded, which teachers can retrieve and mark. During this Circuit Breaker period, we are happy to see our students being more responsible and independent in their learning.