Events during month of March 2020

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March 11, 2020
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August 17, 2020

Social Distancing Practices

To ensure our students are learning in a safe environment, TSI has implemented and put in place social distancing measures to mitigate the spread of novel coronavirus. As the safety and well-being of students are our topmost priority, Tables in classrooms are kept at a reasonable distance between each student for learning. One of the classrooms is now allocated as a dining avenue, to increase the amount of space available to the students for their lunch break. In addition, Assemblies and CCA activities are temporarily suspended, till further notice, to cut the amount of time that pupils gather in large groups. We have encouraged students to be socially responsible by practicing good personal hygiene. We assure parents that our schools are thoroughly cleaned, and enhanced hygiene measures are in place.

Preparation for Home-Based Learning

TSI is looking at the alternative of implementing On-Line learning to our students, in anticipation of the possibility of school closure due to COVID-19 outbreak. To pre-empt disruptions to students learning, our teachers went on the extra mile in exploring and finding the appropriate  E-Learning platform to suit our student learning needs. Ms. June Hor took the lead and trained our academic staff on one of the online platforms, standardizing it for all teachers and lecturers. Our teachers were taught how to start online classes, offering students lessons and assignments that they can complete online while at home.

To ensure the systems are in place, our teachers and lecturers are in the midst of preparing all On-Line learning materials. Students are briefed about the platforms and trials were done on school days. Parents of students without digital devices or internet access are told to acquire these facilities so that their children’s studies are not affected. As a whole, TSI is better prepared when there is a need to conduct Home-based learning.

Robotics programme

Our trainer, Mr. Jacob went over to the island of Batam, Indonesia to conduct Robotics lessons on 14th March 2020  for students of The Independent School of Batam.  The workshop was attended by students from primary levels, learning how to build and program Lego Robotics. This is a long-term collaboration between TSI and the Independent School of Batam and we hope that the students from our sister school enjoy the Robotics lessons.