Events during month of January 2020

January 28, 2020
Events during month of February 2020
March 11, 2020

  Chinese New Year Celebration

TSI staff and students were soaked in the festive mood on 23rd January 2020, ushering in the year of the Rat. Our Principal Mr Gan and CEO Mdm Ming delivered their New Year messages and wished everyone lasting prosperity and good health.

Ms Winnie and Ms June Hor were the Emcees on that day hosting series of events. To begin with, our AEIS students narrated the story on the Origin of the Chinese New Year with the audiences. To add on the festive mood, there was a lineup of entertaining performances of Songs and Dances which were showcased by our TSI staffs and Diploma students.

TSI also celebrated birthdays of staff and students who were born under the Chinese zodiac symbol the Rat, wishing them a successful year ahead.
The Programme was then concluded with a spectacularly festive tradition known as Lo Hei: tossing raw-fish salad with their chopsticks and shouting good luck wishes. The act of tossing is popularly believed to bring luck to participants.

Overall, everyone had a great time in school. TSI wishes everyone a blessed and prosperous Lunar New Year.

Precautionary Measures against the Wuhan Coronavirus Infection

In the light of recent Coronavirus outbreak, TSI has taken necessary measures to mitigate the risks and help staff and students to continue with their normal routines. Temperature checks are conducted daily in the morning to ensure everyone is in the pink of health. In all classes, a notice on precautionary measures against Coronavirus, are put up on the bulletin board so that students are aware of the situation and practise good personal hygiene at all times.

For students who are on Leave of Absence (LOA),additional support in their learning are catered through online platform. Teachers are in contact with affected students, assisting them with their work so that they can be on track with their peers, when they return to school.

Training for Teachers from the Xiehe Educational Group, PRC

Mr Gan conducted professional sharing of Singapore’s Education system with School leaders of Xiehe Educational Group, PRC, on 13th January 2020. Teachers found the training useful and relevant to their teaching practices. We look forward to similar constructive interactions with teachers from other provinces of China in the months to come.

Assembly Talk

Our Principal Mr Gan, conducted an assembly talk on 2nd January 2020, welcoming all students on the first day of school. He reiterated the school’s vision, mission and core values to all students. As it’s a fresh start, he has emphasized students to reflect on what they have done, what they hope to achieve and how they can strive their aims through target Goal Settings. Mr Gan has also set the tone on discipline matters such as students to don Uniforms at all times and maintaining punctuality. With that said, he wished all students a great year ahead.

Edu tour at TSI

PRC Students from various cities, visited TSI to embrace a different learning experience on 14th and 15th January 2020.Our English teachers Ms Winnie and Ms June conducted Creative English Workshops.During this learning journey, students from the Edu tour group have assimilated well with our TSI Teachers. The students were seen interacting and working together in teams, helping one another for any given tasks. Upon successfully completing the workshop, all students received certificates from our Principal, Mr Gan.

Robotics Programme

On 12th and 13th January 2020, Robotics Workshops were conducted for students from Beijing Yiyang Primary School. Our trainer Mr Jacob, demonstrated the way various types of robots are constructed using LEGO. The students worked in groups and learnt how to express themselves and listen and relate to others. This workshop provided students with a base to robotics. Overall it was an enriching experience and the sessions were appreciated by all the students involved.