Diploma in Education

Course Information:

The aim of this Diploma in Education course is to achieve the following:
  • to lay the foundation of education principles and practices for participants interested in the field of education and education-related jobs;
  • to prepare participants for a challenging and satisfying teaching career;
  • to equip existing teachers with the basic essential knowledge and skills needed to be more effective in their teaching profession; and
  • to raise participants’ awareness and appreciation of their opted modules as follows:

    • Teaching of English Language & Humanities Subjects or
    • Teaching of Mathematics & Science Subjects or
    • Teaching Adult Learners or
    • Child Psychology & Early Childhood.
On successful completion of this course, the student is expected to be able to:
  • develop effective lessons with appropriate technology, suitable pedagogies and assessment methods;
  • create a conducive classroom environment for effective learning;
  • apply various interactive pedagogical methods for engaged learning;
  • possess basic understanding of education theories related to effective teaching, learning and assessment;
  • evaluate and reflect on planning, teaching and assessment practices;
  • possess basic understanding of the principles of the Optional Modules of Teaching of English Language & Humanities Subjects, or Teaching of Mathematics & Science Subjects, or Teaching Adult Learners, or Child Psychology & Early Childhood;
  • prepare a lesson plan with clear learning outcomes, pedagogies and assessment methods of the modules of their option;
  • develop appropriate strategies to facilitate learning in the adult education classroom (for those who opted for the Module of Teaching Adult Learners); and
  • develop age-appropriate learning and teaching strategies, and learning activities in the early childhood classroom (for those who opted for the module on Child Psychology & Early Childhood).

Programmes Offered:

  • Diploma in Education

Module Offered:

Core module:
  • Introduction to Educational Psychology (DE100/ES01)
  • Creating a Learning Environment (DE100/ ES02)
  • Understanding and Managing Learners (DE100/ ES03)
  • Assessment Literacy (DE100/ ES04)
  • Technology to Support Learning (DE100/ ES05)
  • The Reflective Teacher (DE100/ ES06)
  • Communication Skills for Teachers (DE100/LE01)
Elective module:
  • The Teaching of English Language & Humanities Subjects (DE100/CS01)
  • The Teaching of Mathematic & Science Subjects (DE100/CS02)
  • Teaching Adult Learners (DE100/CS03)
  • Child Psychology and Early Childhood (DE100/CS04)

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Course Duration:

Full Time studentsPart Time students
6 months, 5 weekdays, 3 hours daily12 months, 5 weekdays, 1.5 hours daily

Course Admission Requirements:

1. At least 16 years of age.
2. Obtained 3 GCE O Level Credits or Completed Touchstone International Institute Certificate in Education or equivalent;
3. Attain a Credit in GCE O Level English or IELTS 5.5 or Minimum 50% score in the Touchstone International Institute Upper Secondary English Placement Examination.

Course Commencement Period:

At the beginning of every January and July of the academic year.

Mode of Delivery

Teacher – Student Ratio (1: 20)

Mode of Assessment

The course adopts a holistic assessment approach in which
a) 20% will be based on the level of participation in class discussions;
b) 50% will be based on the best 3 assignment tasks for each module;
c) 30% will be based on the final examination

The number and type of assessment as well as the assessment criteria will be worked out for each module. In general, the following assessment methods will be adopted:

• Case-study, Project Work, Problem-Based, Portfolio
• Computer-Based & Online Assignments
• Micro-Teaching & Lesson Observations
• Essay (including storyboards and book, journal and website reviews)
• Group Work, Presentation, Simulations & Role-Play
• Reflective Journal
• Structured Question, Short Answer Question;
• Written Test & Examination

Course Completion

Students who successfully complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structures will be awarded the Diploma in Education.

Requirement for Course Completion

Student must attained at least overall 60% score
Students must achieve at least 90% attendance

Type of Qualification

The Diploma in Education is awarded by Touchstone International Institute, after successful completion of all course requirements which has been benchmarked to Level 3 of the qualification framework of Qualifications Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

The 3 (three) types of fee chargeable by TSI are:

Application Fee

A one-time application fee is non – refundable.
Payment modes: Cash, cheque, remittance/telegraphic transfer, bank draft, cashier’s order.
Payable to: Touchstone International Institute Pte Ltd.

Course Fees

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) has regulatory provisions and requirements to protect course fees that are payable by students who are enrolled in a private education institution (PEI).
TSI subscribes to these regulatory provisions and requirements in its collection of fees from full-time students. Click here to find out more about CPE fee collection regulatory provisions and requirements.
Fee collection schedule is as indicated in individual student’s contract.

The course fee is refundable and will be subjected to TSI refund policy.
Payment modes: Remittance/telegraphic transfer, bank draft, cashier’s order or cheque

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Miscellaneous Fees

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Payment modes: Cash, cheque
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Students who wish to register for this course should also visit the Committee for Private Education website for more information about choosing a PEI and advisory note to students.