Course Deferment Policy

  • A Course/Module Deferment refers to a student who wishes to delay his / her course of studies, and to carry forward his/her paid fees to a later period. Deferment may arise due to factors such as the need to serve in the military service, medical or for any other valid reason(s).
  • As a policy, Course/Module Deferment is generally not encouraged unless on compassionate grounds, and approval is granted at the sole discretion of the Principal. All deferment requests must be supported by official documentary evidence accepted by TSI.
  • TSI adopts the following principles in considering a student’s application for deferment:
    • Students can only apply for deferment once in each course
    • The deferment period cannot be longer than the course duration, unless the school decides otherwise
    • The period of study resumed shall be the same as the deferred period granted
    • The actual period of deferment will also depend on the availability of the course/modules that the student missed during the period of deferment.
  • All outstanding fees shall be settled by the student before applying for the deferment.
  • The Head, Academic or the Head, Higher Education will meet the student requesting for the deferment to let him/her know about the implications of the deferment.
  • If the Student decides not to defer, a remark will be made on the Request for Deferment Form, and the form will be filed in the Student Profile Folder.
  • If the student decides to go ahead with the application for a deferment, the Student Services Staff will seek the approval of the Principal for the deferment request.
  • The parent’s formal letter of consent to the deferment is required if the student is below the age of 18.
  • Once the Principal approves the deferment request, an addendum to the existing contract will be given to the student, stating the terms and condition of the deferment.
  • Upon confirmation that all school materials/ equipment has been returned, The Student Services Staff will contact the student if there is any outstanding payment.
  • FPS will be updated by the Student Services Staff.
  • International Students on Students Pass will be guided further on deferment as the Student Pass will have to be cancelled and there is a need to make new application for it when the students return. There will be no refund of all payments including course fee if the student pass application is rejected by ICA. The outcome of the Students Pass is subjected to approval by ICA.
  • Service target: Within 3 working days to respond to the application. Within 2 weeks to assess and complete deferment request.
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