About Us

About Touchstone International Institute

Touchstone International Institute (TSI) is a registered private education institute under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) administered by the Council for Private Education (CPE). TSI aims to provide quality service for local and international students who wish to further their education in a global setting. As such, TSI offers a comprehensive list of services covering the following area: education pathway consultation for both local and overseas education institutes, after-school academic management, accommodation and guardianship arrangements, holistic development beyond the academia, and many more.

Our Vision :

A leading education institute known for its high quality education programmes.

Our Mission :

To provide quality education to maximize students’ potential.

Culture Statement :

Culture of Openness and Sharing

Core Values:

Passion, Service, Excellence

Gan Chin Huat, PK, PPA(P), PBM

M Ed (Harvard ), B SocSci (Hon), BA, Dip Ed (NUS)

Director / Principal

Welcome to TOUCHSTONE International Institute. Registered with the Council for Private Education on 12 January 2015, TOUCHSTONE is created with the mission of providing quality education to maximize students’ potential. We in TOUCHSTONE seek to provide high quality curricula and programmes for our students. Our academic enhancement programmes, language courses, preparatory courses for admission to government schools and GCE Ó’ and Á’ level courses provide students with the competencies, knowledge and skills to pursue their dreams and realise their aspirations. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced and possess the passion to develop our students holistically. They, together with our comprehensive facilities, including contemporary classrooms, multi-media library, multi-purpose room, consultation rooms, conference room, and nearby cafeteria and eateries have enabled our students to study and learn in a conducive and supported environment. We distinguish ourselves through our comprehensive and extensive after-school management programmes. This is complemented by our excellent support services to ensure that our students’ physical, social and emotional well-being are taken care of.

In TOUCHSTONE, we uphold the following values:

  • Passion – To be passionate in our work. We believe that passion is the driving force for all achievements. Our staff are passionate in our work and we encourage and facilitate our students to pursue their passion and achieve their dreams.
  • Service – Service to others. We seek to provide the best service to all our students and inculcate in our students the desire to be of service to the community and their country. The commitment to serve is also reflected in our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, a platform in which all our staff and students engage in community service activities organized by the Institute.
  • Excellence – We seek to develop Excellence as our way of life, to be the best we can be. For this, we seek to develop a culture of openness and sharing to learn from each other. We also seek to put in place a culture of reflection and review for our staff and students so that there is a build-in process of reflective practices and continuous improvements.
We invite you to join us in your pursuit for educational excellence!


Our Academic and Examination Board

TSI is proud to appoint the following individuals as members of our Academic & Exam board.

Mr Jimmy Tan, PPA(P)


Chairman, Academic Board, Touchstone International Institute
Former Deputy Director, Schools Appraisal Branch, Cluster Superintendent, MOE
Former Principal, Holy Innocents Primary School

Mr Gan Chin Huat, PK, PPA(P), PBM

M Ed (Harvard), B Soc Sci (Hons), BA, Dip Ed (NUS)

Director / Principal, Touchstone International Institute Former Deputy Director & Cluster Superintendent, Schools Division, MOE Former Principal, Dunman Secondary School

Ms Winnie Tan


Senior Manager, Academic, Touchstone International Institute Former Research Associate, CRPP, NIE, NTU

Dr Jin Fei

PhD in Economics (Xiamen University), MA (Beijing Normal University), BA (Northwestern Polytechnic University)

Senior Manager, Administration & Operations, Touchstone International Institute Former Assistant Professor, Yang En University
The managers of Touchstone International Institute consist of Mr Ma Liang Ming, Mdm Ming Min and Mr Gan Chin Huat