A Learning Journey to the National Gallery

Proud Moment for TSI
November 25, 2015
Tackling Open-Ended Comprehension (PSLE Workshop)
December 5, 2015
4th December2015: It was an enriching trip to the newly opened National Gallery for the teachers and students of Touchstone International Institute. The group set off early for the National Gallery on 4 December 2015. Armed with briefing notes from their teachers, the students explored various exhibitions in the 6-storeys building.
The trip proved that age is no barrier to appreciating art and the students were amazed by the vast collections of Asian artwork displayed in the National Gallery. The highlight of the trip for most of the students was a visit to the Padang Deck on level 6 of the National Gallery where they could enjoy spectacular views of the CBD and Bayfront districts.

Lastly, no learning journey would be complete without a little teabreak before heading back to the Institute.

The students were given tasks to complete after the learning journey; so look out for our next post of what the students had gained from their trip to the National Gallery!